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Characteristics of a Good Research Paper

In writing a thesis paper, the research must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bounded (SMART). The SMART goals in research bring structure and direction into your goals and objectives Instead of vague ideas, SMART goals set the researcher’s perspective in focusing clear milestones and estimation of research attainability.


What exactly do you want to achieve? The more specific your problem, the more likely you will be able to focus more on your research. In the given example, social media and well-being are very broad. Social media would mean Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Also, well-being may refer to physical, emotional, and mental aspects. While it is possible that the following title can be conducted, but it would entail lengthy literature, variables, analysis, and tables which will take too long for the study to be finished. Usually, an undergraduate student may only take one to two semesters to finish the Research subject. To be specific, dive into the factor which finds you interesting and focus on it, such as the title below:

Example #1
            Broad: Social Media and the Students Intelligence
            Specific: The Relationship between Facebook Usage and the Students
                       Academic Performance among Nursing Students in Delos Reyes College

Example #2
            Broad: The Incidence of Bullying in School
            Specific: The Incidence of Cyberbullying among Psychology Students in St.
  Mary’s University


Measurable goals mean that you identify what you will see, hear, and feel when you finish your research. It means breaking down your research into measurable elements. A good research paper needs concrete evidence, not mere opinions or hearsays.

Not Measurable: The Essence of Empowering Women in the 21st Century
                  The Hurdles and Pride of the People during the Edsa Revolution

Measurable: Relationship between the Students’ Level of Stress and Academic
          Performance among Senior High School Students

Is your research achievable? This means writing your research paper which is attainable by you with considerations on difficulty, effort, time, cost, and other priorities in life. For students, you will also take into consideration that you will write your thesis paper along with other subjects that need focus and more study in a short period. Generally, a more specific study is an achievable study.

      Not achievable: An Analysis of Publics’ Risk Perception of Ionizing Radiation:
     A Global Study
Achievable: An Analysis of Risk Perception of Ionizing Radiation among the
          Senior High School Students in Monte Carlo College

Is the study relevant to your field? If you are a nursing student, a study about maternal health or psychiatric nursing applies to you. Patient care can be studied by a health professional/student but it is not relevant for an engineering student. The reason is that specializing in a particular field makes you credible to conduct the study. It takes knowledge and skills to be an expert in a certain field.

5.    TIMELY
A deadline is a part of life. A deadline makes most people switch to action. In choosing a study, take also in consideration the time it takes to finish it. If your thesis requires you to finish it in two years, then you might want to reconsider, because undergraduate thesis usually takes one to two semesters at the most. Also, you must create a timeline to determine your pace in the course of study, but make sure that it is realistic and flexible. Having a timeline will let you gauge how much time left you need to finish your study.

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